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Stars and Stripes

Happy Independence Day America! The Fourth of July is the official kick-off for summer! From picnics to barbecues to pool parties we have some spectacular ideas that will help make your celebration the best it can be. Firecrackers and fireworks won’t be the only thing blowing the guests mind!

Interactions and Activities

Some great activity ideas for kids would be making snow cones with red, white and blue dye. Another good idea would be Fourth of July face painting and giving out temporary tattoos all related to the holiday. Adults can play card games like poker using red or blue cards along with red, white and blue chips. An idea to interact the adults and kids would be a Fourth of July hunt. Create a list of items, all related to the holiday, and have the children and adults search for those items. Winner gets an awesome prize!


Delicious Foods

Hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled cheese and mac and cheese are all classic Fourth foods. Who says they can’t be up scaled and upgraded? Ration the portions to make them smaller and use them as the starters for the evening. Barbecue chicken and broccoli slaw are a great addition to keep it light on a hot day. Add some colorful drinks to accompany the delicious food you will be consuming.

Sweet Tooth

Who doesn’t like sweets during a holiday? For desert try making a layer cake with red, white and blue layers. Pick the icing color as you see fit! Or try dipping strawberries in white chocolate and then the tip in blue sprinkles for a yummy desert snack! Pie! Make mini versions of American classics like apple pie or blueberry cobbler. For a lighter side of try a simple layered parfait with blueberries and strawberries with cream or yogurt.


Use a wreath all decked out in red, white and blue accompanied with stars as an entry point. For your table, whether it is buffet style or sit down dinner, have simple tablecloth with accents of red, white and blue. Collect mason jars and colored napkins and place the silverware in the jar. The mason jar doubles as your actual cup for the day.



Ending the night with fireworks is an expected but don’t forget about the firecrackers!  Even add some sparklers and take photos while you try to make different shapes. The Fourth of July is one of those holidays that needs to be celebrated outside among all your friends and family. We are celebrating our independence after all!

I Do! For Summer Weddings!

With flowers fully in bloom and romantic sunsets who wouldn’t want a summer wedding? Summer weddings give you the option to have an outdoor ceremony illuminated by a gorgeous sunset, waves crashing, and perfect bliss. Guests can admire the view while you and your significant other say those two life-changing words: “I do.” Planning a summer wedding can be stressful, but with the following tips in mind, you can expect to have the best night of your life.

Keep it simple. Summer is a great time to experiment with vibrant, fresh colors. If you’re looking for a bold color palette, perhaps try a bright coral, canary yellow, or a beachy turquoise. On the other hand, if you’re going for a more traditional look, muted lilacs and mint greens are always on-trend. Incorporating colors that reflect your personality make the wedding more intimate and personable. Don’t forget about the groomsmen! Summer is the perfect time for men to wear khaki suits or pastel shirts and ties! After all, real men aren’t afraid to wear pink.

As your guests enter the ceremony, don’t overwhelm them with too much extravagance. Simply line up comfortable chairs or benches and tie a bow in your color of choice on each seat. For an outdoor ceremony, consider draping a light airy material accented with flowers over the guests’ seats. This will provide a beautiful, summery ambiance for you and your guests.

Whether you’re planning a country chic or a trendy metropolitan wedding, the option of having a summer wedding makes the event that much more remarkable. As we all know, summer often plagues us with the occasional muggy, humid days. In order to keep your guests cool, double your wedding program as a fan!

Flowers, flowers, everywhere! Summertime is the perfect time to really get creative with your wedding flower arrangements.  From roses to orchids to hydrangeas, creating a bright and colorful flower scheme is essential to a wedding. Incorporating other simple plant life will help add an extra dimension to your floral arrangements and really make them stand out.

For creative place cards, try a cork board with gift tags hung with the guest name and table for easy access. Make sure to have a pretty box or rustic suitcase for guests to place cards and small gifts when they first enter the space. You can even use an old letterbox or mailbox to give a funny twist on it!

Centerpieces can either be too simple or way too extravagant and you can miss important moments of the reception if they are too high. Create something minimal so your guests don’t miss out on anything. Keep it low or just high enough so that it will not block the guests’ line of vision.

Bubble bowls filled with candles and flowers are a great way to avoid this problem. Going long and tall with a long, clear vase with simple branches and greenery will also make it easy to see and interact with others at the table.

Utilize the menu as a napkin ring in the center of the plate for easy readability. To keep your guests involved, place cards on each table with a short questionnaire. Ask questions such as “What should we name our future children,? “Where should we travel?” and “What’s your best marriage advice for us?”

Summer is a great opportunity to get really creative with wedding plans and ideas. You can either keep it simple and understated or go crazy with color and foliage. There are so many unique ways to make your special day wonderful and memorable, for both you and your guests. From outside on a beach to inside a place of worship, summer offers ample opportunity to make those your “I do’s” even more memorable.

Preparing for you Graduation Party

As graduation caps fall from the sky sending another batch of graduates off into the world, celebrate their accomplishments the right way with these easy party tips.

However, there are some who don’t play around when it comes to hosting a party. If you’re one of those, and trying to take a party to the next level, check out our toy box. From Foosball tables to a 3D game room, a candy sushi bar and talented performers, Total Entertainment has it all.
 Homemade Helium 

Dazzle up the party while saving a few bucks by filling up balloons with a  homemade batch of vinegar and baking soda. All that’s required is two tablespoons of vinegar, an empty water bottle, a teaspoon of baking soda, and of course a balloon. The trick is to first put a teaspoon of baking soda in the deflated balloon, then stretch the open end over the water bottle with the vinegar. When the two react, carbon dioxide will fill your balloon, and bring you one step closer to celebrating!


Bring back the Classics  

What’s a better way to get your guests moving and laughing than with a game of twister? Instead of using those silly plastic sheets just paint the grass, it’s a soft surface and won’t slip from underneath.



Cherish past pleasures with a Memory Jar 

Why enjoy a beautiful moment only once when a mason jar can let you live them over and over? It’s simple, when euphoria arrives, take note of it on a piece of paper and drop it in the jar. When the time comes to reminisce, you’ll be happy you did.  Now is a gift, that’s why we call it the present. 



Add that designer’s touch 

It’s small details that remind guests of your party professionalism. For graduates, a basket of napkin diplomas or a case of your favorite carbonated drinks with caps and tassels will do the trick.









Forget water balloons… try ice balloons! 

Keep your drinks cold and your party cool by popping some water balloons in the freezer. Be careful though! Don’t fill them up too much or they’ll pop in there. The best part of these colorful coolers is they can be used over and over again!



Mmmm… Cookies 

 So you have the cookie cake, a batch of cookies, and of course cookie dough ice cream… so what’s missing? Well you’ll need some way to hold all that cookie goodness, so how about cookie cups!? Just use the bottom of your cupcake pan as a mold for the dough (be sure to put some tinfoil and Pam underneath them), and bake normally. Vuala!  


         What about a gift? 

Give them a box of chocolates! But to deviate from the cliche, eat the chocolates and replace them with bills and coins.

Create a gift basket containing dorm essentials so it’s one less thing the graduate has to worry about before they leave for school. Some of these items include an alarm clock, a desk lamp, a white erase board, and pens.





Valentine’s Day

L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one I see
V is very, very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you adore and ..

it’s that time of the year! You’re either looking at fuzzy bears and a sea of red or you see a sea of red because you hate fuzzy bears. If that’s the case turn away now because we’re all about spreading the love and creating dreamy ways to make your significant other fall in love with you over and over and over again.  :-D

 Bring on the Passion 

If this red bedroom set doesn’t make you want to jump in bed all day and float on a cloud of love and comfort.. then get a fluffier comforter.  Bring these beautiful red sheets to fruition and your guaranteed to melt away with your partner. For night: add a collection of little and big candles to the room, just enough to create a glow.


Rub a dub-dub

For the special someone that loves to dress up: the goal is to bring all the extravagance of a night out on the town into the tub. Think “over the top”, so many petals that your bodies will part the sea of flowers. Complete the look: a favorite champagne/wine and candles. A guaranteed new “night out”.

For the homebody: sometimes simple is best. Your homebody might not like to get dressed up a lot, but they still appreciate feeling special. The simplistic elegance of this tub has the power to make your homebody feel red carpet ready. Complete the look: tea candles, any type of flower with a small thin stem, and a bottle of wine.

 Set the mood

If you want to create an atmosphere in any part of your house, LED lights are the perfect way to start. You can line the dining room with lights, have LED’s dangle behind a sheer curtain, or create bedroom oasis that rivals an adult Neverland.



Loving food

Want to share the love with your little ones? This heart shaped sunny side up breakfast with ketchup hearts is a cute way to let them feel special on Valentine’s Day. Let your partner feel the morning love with cookie icing hearts on their sugar cubes. At night make a romantic appetizer of skewered shrimp facing each other in a heart shape with salad underneath.


Check out some Day Date ideas here: 100 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Check out our Facebook page and share with us some of your magical creations for this Valentine’s Day.




Thanksgiving is almost here! Get your space ready for a new festive look and check out our ways to give back!

Centerpieces are always eye catching decorations at holiday parties- from the classic Cornucopia to fall colors and pumpkins, amazing centerpieces are bound to declare you the best Host or Hostess in your area. Better Homes and Gardens



As summer ends and Autumn turns to Winter, creating an atmosphere that says “the cold and dark nights are coming, but we’re glowing inside” is key to creating a warm ambiance in your home. Candles are perfect for doing this. They can be put around fireplaces, on mantels, as part of your centerpiece, or anywhere else in the home.




The best part of any family holiday party is the Kids Table. Embracing the youngest guests at the party gives them a sense of responsibility and a ‘coolness’ factor they’ll remember until they’re older.



Thanks to Family Education we’ve found some awesome Family Activities for Thanksgiving

as well as 10 ways to give thanks  which is a good way to get the family involved in helping others.



Giving back each year around this time is a tradition for some families. Thanksgiving is about helping those who are in need. With the recent devastation of Hurricane Sandy, Total Entertainment (NJ based) has gathered a list of places on where to sign up to volunteer and to make a donation to those affected by Sandy.


American Red Cross - can also log into iTunes (info) to make a donation via American Red Cross

 Salvation Army 

FEMA‘s advice on Volunteering and Donating

eBay has a page for making donations

Feeding America has thousands of pounds of emergency food, water and supplies in the disaster zone that it is working to distribute to the storm’s victims.

AmeriCares is providing medicine and other supplies to people affected by Hurricane Sandy.

World Vision is distributing flood clean-up kits, personal hygiene items and emergency food kits to people hit by the hurricane. To donate, visit

Save the Children is also working to provide relief to families and their children. Visit to donate.

NJ Recovery Resources- News12 NJ

NYC Recovery Resources- NY1 News


Halloween Spirit

Ready to get into the Halloween spirit? Here at Total Entertainment we’ve listed some fun and creative ideas for your next Halloween event.



Lady’s night on Halloween: Go Gothic Glam

Here’s how to do it






If blood is your game then Dexter is your name. Based on the show Dexter, this décor is for the go-getting, taking prisoners (for real), ambitious Halloween party throwers. From bloody tubs to missing thumbs click here to find your inner serial killer.




Want to start the creepiness at your front gate?







Really want to scare the kids Halloween night? Turn your front yard into a fogged up demon filled scary place.





This wreath will be on my door this Halloween!







Feel like going overboard outside check out some more houses filled up with ghouls





If this picture doesn’t make you excited, then your Halloween party soul was clearly killed by Freddy Krueger. Forget Jack-O-Laterns this year. Put that pumpkin to good use and make it hold your beer! The Pumpkin Keg is a must have for your Halloween party this year. Click here to learn how to Do It Yourself.


The easiest DIY food ideas that we just had to show you! For recipes check out our link of food ideas below

For Food Ideas check out some of these websites:


Need somewhere to go with the kids? 

New York

New Jersey

Have a Happy Halloween!

Back to School 2012

Time to revamp the closets, upgrade your gadgets, grab a pair of shades for the bright colors that are sure to blind you this fall. Here are some of the Back to School trends from music and fashion for the 2012 school year



Bright colored sneakers- the bright color trend has made its way all the way down to our feet, making it a huge trend for Fall 2012.





Beats by Dr. De ( Made popular during the Olympics when Dr. Dre sent out hundreds of headphones to different athletes with their countries flag colors on the headphones.


Lady Gaga v2 Heartbeats (beats by dre)


iHip ( Blinged out Snooki headphones

SMS audio: Wireless (by 50 Cent)

iPad/iPhone Cases


Best Cases

Hunter Wanderer- vintage feel



Logitech  Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover



Twelve South BookBook: probably the coolest book your kid will ever carry.




Kindle cover- classic/stylish book smart look Venture Case



iPhone Apps for Fall 2012 

iPhone Apps for Fashionable Online Shoppers

5 Fashion Apps to Digitize Your Closet


Women’s Clothing: Bright colors , Skinny jeans

 Bright colors are having a moment. Think bold hues of yellow, purple, red, blue, green, orange, fuchsia, and turquoise. Extremely popular this summer, bright colors remain firmly on the fashion radar for fall/winter 2011-2012.





Skinny jeans- still here to stay. They may be thinner, brighter or more pastel, but Skinny Jeans are here to stay. Look forward to Fall 2012 in your skinny jeans while easily slipping on your boots.






Men’s Clothing

Men’s Fashion Week

Some of the new trends from the Men’s Fashion Week:

The New Color Blue-Black




Shoes with metal accents (redefine the steel toe)




Backpacks: bright colors

Vera Bradley’s new back to school line Fall 2012 colors

Spread the Love!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day this week we thought we’d spread the love and share a list of some of our favorite fellow event bloggers with you! These sites post interesting, unique, fun and exciting articles and offer a lot of news and advise on the industry!

Check out some of our favorites:

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Enjoy checking out these sites and please share your favorites with us! The internet world is full of amazing blogs and articles about events and entertainment and we love finding new writers to follow!


Welcome to Total Talk!

It’s the New Year which brings new beginnings and a fresh start; a time to create something new and reinvent yourself. With that, Total Entertainment is excited to kick off 2012 with a brand new website and blog!

Welcome to Total Talk; our forum for all-things-entertainment. Our internal team of entertainers, DJs, and producers has formed this site to share weekly articles on the industry’s hottest trends, newest music, guest bloggers and insightful tips. We look forward to discussing our favorite topics and interacting directly with you, our clients and fellow entertainment professionals!

To jump start Total Talk, we invite you to read our very first microblog entry by our own DJ Theory. Frank Martinez has been rocking the entertainment industry with his music skills for over 15 years. Raised in the windy city, Frank was influenced not only by the local culture but by the music scenes on both east and west coasts. Frank’s knowledge of the music industry runs deep and his passion for the dance floor is shown every time he steps into the DJ booth. Frank’s articles will boast links to unique remixes, unreleased songs and DJ tips to bring you closer to the music experts; as well as just plain cool entertaining links! Below is a little taste of what he has to offer! Enjoy!

- Julie

In the Mix with DJ Theory:

First off I would like to wish everyone a happy new year. In this blog I get a chance to take advantage of the endless hours I spend looking up random things online like these for instance:

(Wait for the second guy to come in, he really gets into it)

or this:

Anyway, I will attempt to keep it about dj related things, but I can’t promise anything….

(That gets funnier as you keep replaying it)

So…time to get down to business…

DJ Theory’s Must-Have App:

If you plan on throwing a get-together, going on a long drive, need a good pumping mix for the gym, or just hate gaps in between your music then this week’s app is a must have in my book:

This app not only mixes songs together that are already in your ipod/pad/phone, but it let’s you build playlists on your computer and import them. Of course it has its limitations when you start jumping around in bpm’s, but for dance and dubstep it does a good job.

I have put together a few playlists that I not only listen to regularly, but at some point may provide a solid backup mix in the event of that dreaded computer meltdown. Check it out and make sure that you keep an eye on my blog, as time goes on I am sure to reveal my dj secrets and you just may learn a thing or two…like this:

DJ Theory